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CommNetAntennasExtension Add 6 new antennas for CommNet, filling a niche in the transmission ranges: direct 5M, relay 32M, relays 7G and 25G, direct and relay 500G.

29 December 2018

CommNetAntennasInfo The plugin, what enhanced antennas info panel in the VAB/SPH

29 December 2018

CommunityPartsTitles Rename parts for useful and consistent grouping/sorting in the VAB/SPH. Many mods are supported

08 January 2019

eyes-thanks Eyes' Thanks is a software that protect your eyes. The program frequently alerts you to take rest breaks...

19 October 2018

ScienceLabInfo Show more info about Science Labs in the Editor and Flight; add enhanced 6-Crew Lab

01 December 2018

SpeedUnitAnnex Add (annex) some new speed unit and helpful values to the navball's top line, depending from a navball mode and a vesselType

23 December 2018

subdir-qutfstring qUtfString, string supports non-BMP, >0xFFFF character. Library is separate subproject, subdirs template is used.

18 July 2017


08 January 2019

work-schedule Work Schedule is software for create your own rotating shift calendar.

22 April 2017 Personal Blog

08 January 2019

yarbur-keyboard-layouts advanced Russian (and English) layouts allows you to type more typographical characters, Belarusian and Ukrainian letters through the additional layers.

01 March 2018