Work Schedule

Work Schedule is software for create your own rotating shift calendar.

The app is useful for people with a rotating schedule, like bakery workers, nurses, caretakers, etc. Enter your schedule cycle and the start date of the cycle, and the app will display a calendar with your shifts for the whole year. There are customizable display setting: marking shifts by color, letters or images. It also supports english, belarusian and russian languages. You can easily create your own calendar, save it or print it.

Download WorkSchedule 1.9.4 for Windows (x86, portable) — .7z


You can play a little with icons (actually little images) in {Work Schedule}/shifts/ folder. Images d.png, n.png, r.png,h.png are used for day, night, rest, holiday respectively.


“… taking everything into account, Work Schedule is a modest but highly practical application for creating calendars with rotating shifts and free days. It worked smoothly on the newest Windows edition in our tests.” Review at

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